Lauren MacNeish | Freelance photographer and writer

In a nutshell.

I've spent the last 10 years devoted to a career in photography and writing. Happiest when I've got my fingers flying over a keyboard (the typing kind, not the instrument - although I used to play that too), leaving ink in a notebook, or up a mountain with my camera.

Hire me to write.

I'm a freelance photographer and writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland - but I travel all over. I'm always excited to work with new brands, publications, and agencies. Things I can do for you:

Content: Content audit and content plan

Sitemap: Structure of pages to showcase on your site

Research: User, content, brand

Write words: Articles, adverts, and websites

Tell the story: Create stories for your audience

Hire me for content design.

The content I do for you will be:

Informative: Answers questions often searched for

Active: Calls-to-action are verb driven

Relevant: Headings complement copy underneath

Personalised: It’s all about your user

Concise: Little use of subjective language

User focused: Tone of voice speaks to your audience  

Read my articles.

I’m regularly published in: The Writing Cooperative, The Ascent, Writers Guild, and Marketing and Growth Hacking. I've also started my own publication "Reportage Digital".

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