Hire a photographer

I work as a photographer with brands, companies, and individuals. If you require a photographer to help with advertising, marketing, and/or personal photography projects, reach out for a free quote. Categories I cover include:

• Property

• Weddings

• Product shoots

• Editorial and PR

• Travel and tourism

• Food and hospitality

• Marketing and advertising

• Property interiors and architecture

Hire a writer

I founded photosandblogs.com back in 2014. It started as a photo journal to highlight my adventures as an editorial photographer. After a couple of years focusing on other projects, I re-launched photosandblogs.com in February 2020 as a home for storytellers.

We work with brands, companies, and individuals to help launch or highlight products and services.

We're always looking for stories. Whether you tell stories through the written word, the spoken word, or with photography, we’d love to hear from you.

Find out more here.

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