September 8th 2016

2.5 years ago I struggled to find blog posts by photographers that spoke about the stories behind their photographs and less about the equipment they were using.

So, in March 2014, I started my own blog.This blog featured under the domain '' and over the 2.5 years that I blogged on it I had >2000 unique visitors per week. I was overwhelmed that people were reading my stories, whether they be about photographing Shrek outside Edinburgh Castle (yep, really!) or getting to meet Andy Murray in his hometown. 

Photography has been a continual journey for me and will continue to be. But every now and then you need a fresh page and that's exactly what this is. Last week, I spent a full night saving my blog posts from into an 855 page Google Doc (no, it wasn't fun). That domain now points to this site and if you've been a reader of those blogs, I do hope you will continue on this one. 

As mentioned, I featured many stories on my previous blog. It originally started during my time as an editorial photographer, where everyday seen new photography briefs. I wanted a platform to write them down and it soon evolved into writing about my experiences and trips with photography; I find it quite therapeutic.

Here goes...

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