Lauren MacNeish - Lauren MacNeish


I'm Lauren. I'm a self-proclaimed wanderer with a camera. I look for interesting things to photograph in the every day norms and feel most at home when I'm not too far from mountains.


I started out an editorial photographer, living a glamorous life from the confines of my then Ford Fiesta. I liked telling stories through imagery so a chance meeting with one of Scotland's top media photographers led me on my way to a great mentorship. Bonus: I got to meet Andy Murray and David Beckham but the real highlight was meeting Shrek. Really.

I later ran a photography studio and photographed weddings, which was a pretty successful business but I got bored quickly and decided to seek out something new.

I started training photography to business clients with one of the big manufacturers but it meant I was back to living from my car.

Now I work for a tech company in California, albeit I'm at home here in Scotland. I spend most of my money on plane tickets or trips to the Scottish Highlands, so I'm still skint but at least I'm no longer living from my car. Silver linings.

I photograph a bunch of different things but someone once told that my website should focus on one style of photography. So I chose landscapes; the least effective way to make money as a photographer. And that's what we call 'for the love of it'.


I loved taking photographs when I was three years old. I still love it now. 


I live on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  

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