Lauren MacNeish - Lauren MacNeish

Hello, Bonjour, Holla!

I’ve spent a long time wondering what to do with this site - I’m kind of a jack of all trades; master of none type of photographer, so it’s always difficult for me to be dedicated to one style. Primarily, I really just like to take photos of the things I see and the things I’m passionate about. I like to see where the light falls; wait for the right moments; and play with compositions and textures.

I’ve been doing photography my whole life - I was the kid fascinated by negatives and also the kid putting fingerprints on everyones family albums, sorry!

In 2008, after having a gap year trying to save some money, I started college to study photography. Photography was always a massive interest of mine and I think it was a natural progression to have pursued a career in it. Photography is my one constant - I think it's a great source of expression and I can't imagine not doing it. 

My photography career jumped around a lot as I tried to stand out in this cut-throat industry. I was trying to make a living through photography and ran my first business at age 20, whilst being mentored by an amazing editorial photographer.

My initial attraction to photography was the journalism side of things – I am passionate about telling stories through photography and recording moments - so I now photograph a bit of everything in my spare time but the 'wanderlust' in me likes to discover new places and I enjoy photographing the sights I see.

The good thing about photography is that you can never know it all and every day sees new challenges, which keeps things fresh and interesting.

I am based near Edinburgh in Scotland but I’m forever dreaming of buying a one-way ticket… who's coming?

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